Introducing Digital Commerce Institute: Online Training Plus a Killer Live Event

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There have never been more people looking to build a business around digital products and services. These days, when we say “entrepreneur,” we’re often talking about someone who’s entering the field of digital commerce.

It sounds attractive right? Building a purely digital business where you create, sell, and deliver your products and services completely online.

The dream of building a business around digital products and services is as old as the Internet itself. Unfortunately, the early days of digital commerce were overpopulated with snake oil promises and “Online Cash Machine” hype.

Fortunately, things have changed:

  • Sales of ebooks exceeded $5 billion in 2014
  • Online education is now a $15 billion a year industry
  • Apps and other downloadable software are the norm
  • Software as a Service rules the business market
  • New forms of digital products are emerging daily

In other words, the market is ready and waiting for you. That doesn’t mean it’s gotten any easier, though. We’re ready to change that.

This is the mission of Digital Commerce Institute — the inevitable next step in the evolution of Rainmaker Digital. After all, we’re a bootstrapped digital commerce company with eight figures in annual revenue, and we’ve created and sold tens of millions of dollars in digital products and services.

This new comprehensive training initiative is now live, and consists of an online training community called Digital Commerce Academy, as well as an opportunity to save hugely on next year’s live Digital Commerce Summit. If it sounds like something that’s of interest to you, head over to the site or simply keep reading below.

Digital Commerce Academy Overview:

Let’s start with the online training community that you can get started with instantly today. Here are the essential elements of the Academy.

Core Training:

Digital Commerce Academy core training consists of full-blown courses that give you the fundamental knowledge and processes that form the backbone of any successful digital business.

You’ll learn how to create online courses, WordPress themes, software, and other digital products and services.

Plus you’ll learn how to strategically use online media that drives customer acquisition, how to create traffic funnels that convert, and how to use marketing automation techniques that explode sales.

Here’s the core training you’ll get started with right away:

Build Your Online Education Business the Smarter Way

The $15 billion a year online education industry will only get larger, which means it represents a huge opportunity for savvy digital entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a content creator, a subject matter expert, or a “producer” who puts together profitable training courses, you need to know both best practices and mistakes to avoid.

In this course, Rainmaker Digital founder and CEO Brian Clark teaches online course creation and marketing for the first time since he created the groundbreaking Teaching Sells in 2007. You’ll discover how to design a course that people will happily pay for, choose a business model, test your idea before investing in building it, develop great course content, and launch and market your course.

Price: $495 $0 – Included with your charter membership!

How to Create
 Automated Marketing Funnels That Work

Effective marketing funnels are now essential for growing any kind of digital commerce business. If you are not getting as many sales as you would like, it probably means you have a leaky funnel. If you would like to sell more to your existing customers, and have those customers stick around longer, then you also need to develop a better funnel strategy.

In this course, Tony Clark (COO of Rainmaker Digital) and Chris Garrett (CDO of Rainmaker Digital) will lead you through a scalable, systematic funnel strategy that will attract, convert, and retain more customers for your business.

Price: $495 $0 – Included with your charter membership!

Get started with Digital Commerce Academy core training today

Upcoming Core Training in 2016:

  • Paid Traffic Mastery: How to Smartly Leverage PPC and Social Advertising Platforms

  • Crafting Killer Copy for Digital Products and Services

  • Plugins and Themes: How to Enter the WordPress Premium Market

We’re anticipating delivering thousands of dollars of value with our core training in the first year alone … while you pay only a fraction of that when you join by November 6, 2015!

Monthly Webinars:

Your membership delivers high-impact webinars that will help you build your digital business. They come in two flavors:

1. Case Studies:

You’ll go outside the “guru” echo chamber to discover tips, tactics, and strategies from real people who are creating their own digital products and services to build profitable businesses.

Here are the recorded case studies that are instantly available when you join:

Nathan Barry of ConvertKit on Developing a SaaS Product

How Nathan Barry built ConvertKit into $22,536 per month in recurring revenue by embracing the challenging work of developing a SaaS product.

Belinda Weaver of CopyWriteMatters on Launching a Paid Master Class

Belinda Weaver describes her transition from successful freelance writing career to building her own digital business around paid online training, and the smart combination of free and paid courses she used to get there.

Live webinars coming soon:

Brian Gardner of StudioPress on Building a Business Around Themes

StudioPress founder and Rainmaker Digital partner Brian Gardner shares his journey as a pioneering entrepreneur in the WordPress space, and how to successfully break in today.

Darrell Vesterfelt of Author Launch on Running a Membership Site

This is the amazing story of a young guy who worked hard and built a thriving digital business. For those who think it can’t be done without an existing audience, you don’t want to miss this.

2. Cutting Edge:

These webinars cover what we affectionately call the “new and shiny.” Don’t chase the latest hyped-up platforms, mediums, and technology until we help you make an informed decision.

Here are recorded presentations that are instantly available when you join:

Can You Actually Make Money Using Periscope?

Live streaming video tools like Periscope and Blab have become popular with content marketers over the past year. But should you be jumping into the live video fray?

Chris Ducker asserts that he isn’t just expanding his audience through Periscope (he calls it a “personal branding game-changer”), he’s actually making direct sales from his scopes. Don’t miss this recorded presentation where Chris shares both the why and the how of making Periscope profitable.

Live webinars coming soon:

Live Streaming Video Accelerated? Making Work for You

The Periscope mania had begun to reach maximum intensity just when another live streaming video platform started getting buzz. What is Blab? And how does it help you build a digital business?

Of course, we archive every recording in case you can’t make the live session. Each of these webinars alone will more than justify your small monthly investment.

Live Q&A Consult Sessions:

Ask us anything in order to solve specific issues that you’re facing. These Q&A sessions are like getting free consulting from people who don’t do consulting, and are also worth the price of admission alone.


Here we carry over the conversation in a members-only discussion group. Questions, comments, and collaboration make this community a gold mine for new ideas and relationships. We’ll launch the community soon after the Charter launch period is over, which allows us to include your ideas in its format and execution.

Here’s Your Low Charter Membership Investment:

Since 2007, we’ve been giving our earliest customers our very best deal on every new line of business we launch. This time is no different.

It makes perfect sense that the people who join us right away deserve an awesome deal. Not only are you demonstrating your trust that we’ll deliver, you’re also helping us rapidly evolve the service with your feedback.

So, here’s the Charter Membership offer on Digital Commerce Academy, valid until November 6, 2015. It’s less than $25 a month, billed annually at $295. Cancel with a click and you’ll never be billed again.

As mentioned above, we’re delivering valuable training during the next year that would easily exceed thousands of dollars in a la carte fees. You can bet that the price goes up not only when we end the Charter Membership drive, but likely several times afterwards.

The beautiful thing? You’re locked in to this price no matter how much, and how often, we raise the price for others. It’s totally within your control.

And don’t miss this …

There’s another aspect that makes the deal even sweeter.

We’re offering a bundle that includes your first year of Academy together with the inaugural Digital Commerce Summit, happening next October 12-14, 2016.

We’re selling tickets to the Summit right now for $495 (the price will eventually rise to $995 and be worth every penny). But until November 6, 2015, you can get an entire year of training in Digital Commerce Academy for $295, and add on the Summit for only $200 more!

That’s right. You get a year of Academy plus registration to the Summit, all for the early bird price of the Summit alone. Think of it as getting your first year of Academy free, all while securing your spot at the preeminent digital commerce industry event.

Get Academy + Summit together
for the limited-time Charter bundle price

If you’re interested in the Summit, don’t hold out until the speakers and agenda are announced just to pay more. Our reputation for amazing speakers such as Seth Godin, Sally Hogshead, and Daniel Pink precedes us, and the only disappointment you’ll experience will be a higher price (or missing out).

And as always, you get our “no questions asked” 30-day money-back guarantee. If you decide this was not the right decision for you, simply contact us through the provided email channel and we’ll cheerfully refund your payment.

Get started today:

See you on the inside!

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Brian Clark is CEO of Rainmaker Digital, founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployable, and evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform.

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