What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Digital Commerce?

content marketing and digital commerce - your questions answered

Last week was a big one for all of us at Rainmaker Digital.

We launched Digital Commerce Institute. Plus, we announced a new educational program, Digital Commerce Academy.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we announced next year’s live event, Digital Commerce Summit.

Since a few questions have come up repeatedly, today’s post will answer the most-common questions we’ve fielded and provide the guidance you need.

It’s especially important to read this today, because our ultra low-priced Charter Membership offer expires tomorrow, November 6, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

We want you to have the answers you need, so you can make an informed decision before the low price goes away.

Without further ado, let’s dive in to our Digital Commerce Institute FAQs.

“I thought content marketing was digital commerce. What’s the difference?”

Content marketing — at its heart — is about using content to market a business, whether that business is offline or online.

Content marketing will continue to be our focus here on Copyblogger and in all the products that “live” on this platform:

Digital commerce covers all aspects of running an online-based business. Inside Digital Commerce Academy, we’re building courses about:

  • How to create WordPress themes, software, and other digital products and services
  • How to use marketing automation techniques to boost sales
  • How to build online courses you can sell
  • How to set up and run traffic funnels that drive customers to your site

Full disclosure: those of us running these platforms have broad experience and interests, so you may see a little bit of topic overlap — but not much.

We like to think of topic overlap as a way we’ll add value to your membership, whether it’s in Digital Commerce Academy or Authority.

“Copyblogger has made a lot of changes this year — from launching a podcast network, to renaming the company, to offering an entirely new educational program. What gives?”

As I mentioned last week in our Authority forum, a company that’s alive and well is a company that’s adapting.

I’ve seen it happen many times in the almost 30 years I’ve been in business — as a company’s customer base grows larger, distinct communities begin to develop. Each community has its own set of challenges and specific needs.

We’ve always taught you to pay close attention to the needs of your audience. That’s exactly what we’re doing now.

When podcasting grew to the point that it became a difficult-to-ignore content marketing option, we started Rainmaker.FM, and now host 20 distinct podcast shows.

We also built The Showrunner Podcasting Course to help people who want to make podcasting a big part of their content marketing toolkit.

When our name no longer reflected the breadth of our offerings, we changed it.

And when we saw that a massive percentage of our audience wanted to build successful digital commerce businesses and needed guidance, we created Digital Commerce Institute.

Rather than try to make one single site serve our entire diverse audience with everything we want to teach, we’ve tailored our offerings to what you want to learn.

It’s partly because we’ve grown in both earnings and staff. Rainmaker Digital now boasts more than 60 smart employees. With that many good people contributing their talents, we can do more. And we have.

“Sounds intriguing. Who exactly is Digital Commerce Academy built for? Is it a good fit for me?”

Glad you asked. :-)

Digital Commerce Academy is:

  • Our newest educational program, built specifically for people who want to learn more about running a successful digital commerce business (more on that below).
  • A membership site with “all you can consume” educational offerings. When you join, you get access to everything available now, and everything that’s coming in the future (as long as your membership is current).
  • A place to get your questions answered by the likes of Brian Clark, Jerod Morris, and other knowledgeable Rainmaker Digital team members during monthly Q&A calls.

Digital Commerce Academy is for you if:

  • You want to improve your ability to run a digital commerce business — a website that sells digital items like ebooks, memberships, apps, software, online courses — anything that can be delivered digitally.
  • You need more information about marketing funnels, how to deliver online courses that sell, how to use paid traffic, how to create products like themes and plugins, and a lot more.
  • You want to learn best practices from a highly successful digital commerce company whose methods you respect and admire.
  • You enjoy a bargain. Because $295 for a full year’s access is a bargain if I ever saw one! And grabbing that Charter Membership before tomorrow means you lock in that price forever — you’ll never pay more.

“Has content marketing been ‘beaten?’”

This was — by far — the funniest thing we heard last week.

Just like podcasting isn’t replacing written content, digital commerce isn’t replacing content marketing.

Content marketing is an integral part of digital commerce success.

And our focus here on Copyblogger will continue to be informing and educating people who want to become kick-ass content marketers, whether for their own businesses or someone else’s.

“Is Digital Commerce Summit in October 2016 replacing your Authority Rainmaker event?”

In 2016, we’re hosting one event, and we’re calling it Digital Commerce Summit.

All are welcome!

We’ll cover a broad variety of digital commerce topics, including content marketing.

“Do I have to attend Digital Commerce Summit if I sign up for Digital Commerce Academy?”

No. We realize that traveling to Denver, Colorado in the beautiful month of October isn’t an option for some people.

So, Digital Commerce Academy is a virtual way to absorb our education, and Digital Commerce Summit will be a live, in-person event.

Some people will want access to both, and we’re offering an incredible deal on that until tomorrow — $295 for one year of access to Digital Commerce Academy and just $200 more to attend the live Digital Commerce Summit event.

Get your Charter Membership today while the price is still low

The Charter Membership offer on Digital Commerce Academy is valid until tomorrow, November 6, 2015. It’s less than $25 a month, billed annually at $295. Cancel with a click and you’ll never be billed again.

When you buy a Charter Membership, you’ll be locked in to this price no matter how much, or how often, we raise the price for others. You’ll never pay a higher price.

Want to attend the live Summit event? Check out our sweet bundle offer

We’re offering a bundle that includes your first year of Academy together with the inaugural Digital Commerce Summit, happening next October 13-14, 2016 (the opening reception is on the evening of October 12).

Until November 6, 2015, you can get an entire year of training in Digital Commerce Academy for $295 and — if you plan to attend the live event also — you can add on the Summit for only $200 more!

It’s your choice. But please make it by tomorrow so you can grab this great deal!

Get your Charter Membership to Digital Commerce Institute today

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Pamela Wilson is Executive Vice President of Educational Content at Rainmaker Digital. Follow her on Twitter, and find more from her at BigBrandSystem.com.

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