Black Monday-to-Monday: Our Two Most Popular Deals, Back by Popular Demand

Black Monday to Monday: November 9, 2015 to November 16, 2015

A few years ago, we started hosting an annual “Black Monday-to-Monday” sale several weeks before Thanksgiving — figuring you’d have enough on your, ahem, plate once the real Black Friday rolls around.

That initial promotion, and every one that’s followed, has been wildly successful. Although, since the idea seems to be catching on, we may move it to September next year. :)

Meanwhile, here are this year’s Black Monday-to-Monday deals … named as such because the deals start today and expire next Monday, November 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. These two particular deals were selected based on the most popular offers we’ve made during the past year.


Get the New-and-Improved StudioPress All-Theme Pack for $150 Off

Unless you’re new, you’ve seen this discount before. It’s always the most popular promo we run throughout the year.

Why? Well, buying every StudioPress theme (plus Genesis), the updates, and the support individually would run you north of $1,400.

But now there’s more. What makes this particular deal extra special is that the StudioPress All-Theme Pack, which we call Pro Plus, now includes third-party themes for the first time … ever.

So in addition to getting immediate and unlimited access — plus support and updates — to all 37 existing StudioPress themes, all of which are built for the Genesis framework, you also get three gorgeous third-party Genesis themes right out of the box.

And when I say “access,” I mean lifetime access:

  • When we officially add a new third-party theme, you get it as well.
  • When the brilliant StudioPress designers release a new theme for Genesis, you get it.
  • If Brian Gardner ever releases his long-rumored “Starbucks Addict Theme” (sans sidebar, of course), you’ll get it.

You get the picture. Every theme, every update, and all the support … for as long as you keep your account. You’ll never pay another dime for a Genesis theme.

It gets better. The current regular price of the Pro Plus Pack is $499.95, which is already a steal compared to the value.

For the next week only, during our Black Monday sale, you get Pro Plus for $349.95. (If you are already a StudioPress customer, then you get an additional returning customer discount of 25 percent off, making your final price $262.46.)

Plus, keep in mind that this offer gets you unlimited support. That’s going to change at the end of the year, so lock in your access to support now so you’ll never pay an additional dime for help when you need it.

Grab your StudioPress Pro Plus pack for $499.95 $349.95 today


Join Digital Commerce Institute for the Ridiculously Low Charter Membership price

I’ll admit: once we decided to push the launch of Digital Commerce Institute back one week from our initial plans, meaning it would end on the Friday before Black Monday, I had an inkling we might bring the Charter Membership offer back.

Reason being, we always try to make Black Monday our most value-packed deal of the year, and I’m not sure we’ve ever had a more value-packed offer than the Charter Membership offer for Digital Commerce Institute.

Plus, the number of members who joined DCI in the last two weeks has outpaced any other training program we’ve ever offered!

Think about it …

If Brian Clark were going to launch an individual course about building a business around online education, he would charge at least $500 for it. Probably more.

Same thing with Chris Garrett and Tony Clark. If they were going to launch an individual course around marketing funnels, I’m sure Brian wouldn’t let them sell it for anything less than $500. (For comparison’s sake, The Showrunner Podcasting Course we launched earlier this year sold very well at $595.)

Well, Digital Commerce Institute allows you to begin taking both of those courses the instant you join:

  • Build Your Online Training Business the Smarter Way
  • How to Create 
Automated Marketing Funnels 
that Work

And there are more core training courses on the way that would cost you thousands if sold separately.

  • Plus case studies and webinars (several instantly available).
  • Plus your personal digital business questions answered by the entire DCI Team.
  • Plus a vibrant community that members are actively designing.

We could have charged much more for membership, and we will in the future. (In fact, over the weekend, we already raised the regular price of Digital Commerce Academy to $395 per year, and tickets to Digital Commerce Summit went up to $595.)

But it’s always been our policy to give the first paying customers of any new product the best possible price.

So instead of charging $1,000 or more per year initially, just based on the two core training courses alone, we priced membership at $295 per year.

And when our Support staff let us know over the weekend that (as always) folks said they missed the Charter Membership deadline, it made our final decision easy in regard to bringing back the offer:

Okay. :-)

For this week only, you get:

And yes, this is the last time the Charter Membership offer will be available. If it weren’t for the timing and massive popularity of the DCI launch, this wouldn’t have happened.

Claim your Charter Membership in Digital Commerce Academy today

Happy Black Monday-to-Monday everybody!

Don’t forget: Both deals expire next Monday, November 16, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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Jerod Morris

Jerod Morris is the VP of Marketing of Rainmaker Digital. He hosts The Lede and The Showrunner, as well as a daily show about living a balanced life called Primility Primer.

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