3 Resources to Help Beginners Become Professional Content Marketers

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“Da” was the first pronoun I used to refer to myself as a small child. I think I was trying to say “I,” but I overcomplicated the word.

At any rate, whenever I encountered a new or challenging task — like growing human beings do — I would say out loud:

“Now how Da do dis?” (Translation: How do I do this?)

It became a running joke in my family, and it’s a phrase I still use today. When I sat down to write this article, I said to myself, “Now how Da do dis?” I say it to myself every time I write.

Ideally, content marketers of all levels are impassioned and driven, but beginners tend to be an especially enthusiastic bunch. There are so many possibilities and you want to explore them all. You know you can master content marketing; you just need to figure out how.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to take advantage of exactly where you are right now
  • How to transform your business with a well-built brand statement
  • How to use specificity to build a profitable audience

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini content marketing course for beginners.

5 Things to Take Advantage of When You’re Starting Something New

Benefits of starting out small

Your vision of success may look like having a large audience that helps sustain your business. That’s a smart goal, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

However, if you’re too focused on a future scenario that doesn’t exist yet, you may overlook important opportunities currently at your disposal.

In 5 Things to Take Advantage of When You’re Starting Something New, Sonia Simone demonstrates how to not just make the most of where you are right now, but also how to thrive because of it.

The Transformative Effect of a Well-Built Brand Statement


If you’re not quite sure how to succinctly communicate the benefits that you provide for your customers or clients, check out The Transformative Effect of a Well-Built Brand Statement.

Pamela Wilson shares a short exercise that leads to clarity and powerful results.

Once you’ve completed the three straightforward steps, Pamela says:

This simple exercise will help set the direction for everything you do. You can use it on your About page, in your social media profiles, and even when you’re doing in-person networking.

10 Ways Specificity Helps You Build a Profitable Audience


Kelton Reid wants to help you win the battle for your audience’s attention with classic writing tips that are still highly effective today.

10 Ways Specificity Helps You Build a Profitable Audience contains guidance for all types of content marketers.

Before you make an offer to your prospects, you must familiarize yourself with their problems, fears, desires, and dreams. Ready to get specific?

Become a content pro

Review this post (and save it for future reference) when you’re ready to build upon your current reality and use your natural abilities to master content marketing.

To celebrate beginners everywhere, as well as honor how I first referred to myself when I was learning to speak, let’s dance:

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